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Hermann J. Wiemer Winery
Dundee, NY
Phase 1 - 3,000 sf new construction/renovation
Construction Budget - $225,000
Completed 1983
Phase 2 - 1,000 sf new construction
Construction Budget - $100,000
Completed 2010

This "building within a building" has become an icon of one of the Finger Lakes' most successful wineries. Our abstraction of the Greek Revival style, which is prevalent in the region, has stood the test of time and continues to surprise and delight visitors who discover this "pearl" within the oyster-like barn. Phase II has completed the vision by adding an arcade linking the winery to the main storage building. The arcade continues the vocabulary of the white columns while referencing the metaphor of interlocking fingers.

Phase 1 is a collaboration with Simon Ungers and Laszlo Kiss
Phase 1 photograph: archphoto, Eduard Hueber
Phase 2 photographs: Jim Westphalen