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MTVi Online Corporate Headquarters
145,000 sf new interiors
Construction Budget - $11,000,000
Completed 2000

We are proud to claim that we completed the last major ".com" project in NYC before the bubble burst in 2000. Viacom decided to consolidate all their internet based businesses onto two full floors of the newly upgraded "high-tech" office building 770 Broadway. A double height main lobby with a glass walled computer room and two-level reception desk established the progressive nature of this young, innovative branch of the company. Separate themes and materials palettes were developed for the Nickelodeon and MTV suites intended to portray their individual brands and corporate cultures. Cubicles and perimeter offices were collectively abandoned in favor of interior glass walled office blocks and open work station suites. Break-out spaces provided for informal meeting, relaxation and privacy.

Project collaborator - Dennis Belfiore Associates